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U9 Tigers win NPL Tournament

5 June 2022

Twickenham Tigers U9s made the short journey to NPL, the National Physical Laboratory, who have recently spent time creating the World’s smallest Christmas Card. To make the card 10cm in height, you would have to magnify it 5000 times, which is equivalent to blowing up a postage stamp to the size of a football field … but football fields were what the Tigers were after.

As rain fell on the BBQ, they topped their group, won a tense semi-final, and went on to win the tournament without conceding a single goal. The team spirit, togetherness, and work ethic to achieve this were second to none, with goal line blocks, last ditch tackles, positional prowess and salmon like saves.

In National Physical Laboratory terms, our sheets were cleaner than the Large Hadron Collider.

The team celebrated with a trophy lift, photos with the master tacticians/coaches, proud parents and ice cream in a drizzle which could not drown out the Tigers’ roar.

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