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Welcome to Twickenham Tigers FC

Pitch address: Waldegrave School Fifth Cross Rd Twickenham TW2 5LH

Find us on Google Maps:


We play in black & orange striped shirts, black shorts and orange socks, so please notify us if you think there may be a clash.

There are no changing facilities onsite. Toilets are available.

We play on grass & there is plenty of space for warm-ups off the pitch areas. PLEASE DO NOT WARM UP ON OUR PITCHES.

Parking is available in the school grounds. Please note:

  • CARS MUST ONLY BE PARKED IN MARKED SPACES. If spaces are full, then please park outside the gates in the surrounding streets.

  • DO NOT PARK ACROSS THE YELLOW-MARKED WALKWAYS as they are for emergency vehicles.

  • Congestion may occur on match days so please allow sufficient time to find alternative parking in local streets.

  • Please respect local residents by parking sensibly and limiting noise.

Dogs are NOT allowed on site.

Currently there are no amenities on site for drinks or food. There is a petrol station on Staines Road where you can buy hot/cold drinks and snacks.

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Public transport:

Twickenham rail station 30 mins on foot or bus routes 267, 281, 110 or 490.

Strawberry Hill rail station 12 min on foot.

Whitton rail station 23min on foot (or bus route H22)


There is a defibrillator available on site at Waldegrave for emergencies. It is located on the wall of the building behind pitch 1 at the entrance to the gym. Every Twickenham Tigers team has a trained first aider on site.


In order for games to fun, safe & enjoyed by everyone we ask spectators to:

Remain outside of the field of play and behind the respect line.

Never engage in, tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language and behaviour.

Always respect the match officials decisions.

Don’t only applaud success; effort and good play deserve to be recognised.

Remember children play football for fun.

Let the coaches do their job do not confuse players by telling them what to do.

Encourage players to respect the opposition and match officials.

Making mistakes is part of learning, don’t criticise a player for making one.

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