Tigers Social FPL Update Ole Ole Ole Ole

What with the likes of Chelsea vs Juventus and Manchester City vs PSG (hope to see some of you in the Prince Blucher for the Tigers social tomorrow for this one), it brings back bad memories of the doomed Super League – but there is nothing doomed about the Tigers Social Fantasy League, with more Twickenham drama than England South Africa.


After an impressive 87, Mark Miles is favourite for the Man United vacancy, especially considering the management skills required to achieve this incredible score with Kane and Wilson upfront. Jim Bruce-Ball was a close second, also scoring over 80 in this gameweek, opting for another New Castle forward, Saint-Minimum.


Talking of the richest club in the world*, it was an uncharacteristically bad week for Saudi Toon, more Eddie Howe-way off the pace, than howay the lads, and Eddie Howe-away from the ground, pretending to have COVID to avoid the first home game.


A lot of teams are targeting players with ‘fresh’ managers, from the likes of Villa, Spurs, New Castle, Norwich and Arsenal. Tigers fantasy gaffers who are feeling the heat include Vic, Daniel and Henri – but all is still to play for as nobody looks at the table until Christmas, when they are under the table.


If you look back at the last Tigers fantasy update there was a rumour that Manchester United approached our training ground and were tapping up Twickenham Tigers, to raise the bar at Old Trafford. It turns out Sky Sports got their sources wrong and the truth is that Twickenham Tigers are propping up the bar at Crane Tap, which has reopened on the approach to our training ground.


Take care, go Tigers, hope to see you tomorrow,



*Twickenham Tigers, if riches are measured in happiness.

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