Week 3 FPL Update

After a 73 point week, Asa Jennings is the bookmakers favourite to replace Arteta at Arsenal, with Mark the Viking Lord a close second, at 71.
With Ronaldo coming home, the big question will be whether he comes home to Andy Scates Footballing Wizards also. And all of those owners who had Moise Kean, his Juventus replacement, and Everton fans (Henri joined a week late, but is currently bottom) must be devastated.
New joiners (keep spreading the word), Hishaam Hussain and Mubashar Hussain both having superb debut weeks, and future expectations are high.
The rest of the managers are hoping their big stars stay safe whilst on International Duty, while Eye of the Tigers shop the market for a replacement for the jailed Mendy (City, not Chelsea), who is more likely to get Gareth Bale than bail.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Tigers party on Saturday, where fantasy becomes a reality. Enjoy the game tonight and stay Hungary ahead of the weekend (as there is a BBQ at the event).

-- Tigers Social


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